Overall a thumbs up, I enjoyed my time and I would love to come back next summer!

A few weeks back one of our guests wrote for us about their stay last summer.  Here is what Amber, age 11 thought about her trip…

When I heard that I was flying to Geneva (Switzerland) by myself I thought that my mum was just saying this as a joke. However my mum was not joking, I saw the British Airways website, in front of my eyes! All booked and flying to Geneva in a couple of days!

On the way to the airport and thinking that I was worried about going on a plane on my own, my mum distracted me by getting me stickers from Accessorize – my favourite shop.  In fact, that hadn’t crossed my mind, but I would accept the gift anyway.

When I actually got to go on the plane, it hit me, I felt quite scared but when the plane took off I was actually quite tired so I fell asleep in an instant.

At Geneva airport I was escorted by BA staff to meet the Mountain Adventure Camps staff in the arrivals hall. Dougie would be driving us and he was accompanied by a lady named Rachel, one of the Directors.

Me with Dougie on Pirate night!

Me with Dougie on Pirate night!

It felt like a long journey to the camp but it was fun and adventurous (especially the thunder storm and lightning in the distance).  When I got to the chalet it was midnight and I was met by Tim the chef who had made some food for me.  I was curious to know who I would be sharing a room with and when I was taken to my room I wanted to burst through the door and see a girl, but all I saw was two plain beds neatly set up.

In the morning I was allowed to lay in a little bit longer as I arrived late. When I went downstairs there were boys surrounding the table.  This didn’t really bother me, as all I focused on was the food on the table, there was fresh fruit, cereals, porridge, yoghurts and juices.  Such a variety.

I sat next to a boy named Freddie who I was guessing was the same age as me.

After breakfast we had a French language assessment.  I hadn’t really learnt much French compared to the others, but this was okay as Rachel gave me different things to learn.

Taking a break during a French lesson

Me taking a break

On Monday we went rafting, l didn’t want to go at first so I told Matt.  We sat down and talked about my fears and he persuaded me by saying it was fun and not scary. In the end l loved it and Matt was quite right.

The next day we went skiing I had been skiing once before in the Czech Republic, however, I forgot all the steps so I had a ski instructor all to myself.  I enjoyed the skiing very much.  Afterwards we went to the lake and some of the boys went down the ski jump, I sat in the sun with Rachel and watched.

Hot Jumping

One of the boys on the water jump

On Wednesday we went to an Adventure Park. I loved climbing when I was little and I still love it now. I’m not sure why I am obsessed with climbing I think its because I’ve always been adventurous since I was little.  The zip lines were ace!

Thursday was a camping trip, wild, fun and very surprising. I enjoyed roasting the marshmallows on the fire the most. I love how we camped because we played games and my favourite game was Capture The Flag and we used water bottles instead of flags.

Group photo on the guided walk.

Camping trip with ‘my boys’

On the last day, Friday, it was a day of rest.  We played fuse ball and hide and seek and also sat in the hot tub.  It was the right temperature and really relaxing.

Everyday day, Tim (the wonderful cook) would create great meals.  The desserts were the best – banana with chocolate sauce with vanilla ice cream was my favourite.

Overall a thumbs up, I enjoyed my time and I especially liked the rafting trip, camping, chill-axing in the hot tub and the tree climbing and I would love to come back next summer!

Amber (age 11)